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Department of Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineering (IE), which plays a more important role in modern society than ever before due to the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, is a discipline that focuses on design, management, and improvement of systems composed of humans, machines, materials, energy, and information in a rapidly changing industrial environment. IE is primarily concerned with how to organize people, machineries, information, technologies, money, and materials to produce and distribute products and services more efficiently. Its main objectives are to improve the productivity, safety, and resilience of systems and to find their optimal operation schemes. It is an interdisciplinary program, using engineering analyses, design principles and methods as well as natural scientific theories such as mathematics and physics, management, software-related studies, and professional knowledge of social sciences.


In the department of Industrial Engineering (IE), students learn about the design, management, and improvement of systems composed of human beings, machines, materials, energy, and information under rapidly changing industry surroundings, ultimately to determine the optimal operation schemes of a system and to improve system productivity and efficiency. The department of IE teaches students to analyze the cardinal characteristics of the industry and the business environment, and trains them how to utilize various methods towards optimal design, management and operation under given circumstances. The educational goals of IE program are to help students cultivate their management skills as well as engineering proficiency, to guide them to develop their problem solving and decision making skills, and to encourage them to be competent engineering leaders in a range of work domains.


Students are expected to obtain strong academic basics in undergraduate programs that are developed to offer classical as well as modern subjects in the field of IE in a systematic and logical manner. Graduates often find lucrative careers in the manufacturing industry. Alumni have also found positions in academia, civil service, and IT. The degree promises to be even more valuable in the future.